How can I get involved?

2022-06-18T17:32:57-05:00June 18, 2022|

Attend meetings and volunteer. Management districts are subject to the Open Meetings Act, so the public is welcome to all board meetings and may request information on any action taken by the board. Many districts [...]

What does this management district propose to accomplish?

2022-06-18T17:32:09-05:00June 18, 2022|

While each district sets its own priorities based on community needs, all may provide supplemental services for advertising, economic development, business recruitment, promotion of health and sanitation, public safety, traffic control, recreation, and cultural enhancement. [...]

Who runs the district?

2022-06-18T17:31:29-05:00June 18, 2022|

Management districts are administered by a board of directors consisting of area commercial property owners or their appointed agents appointed initially by the Legislature. Depending on the district’s enabling legislation, the district board may also [...]

How are municipal management districts financed?

2022-06-18T17:31:05-05:00June 18, 2022|

Public improvement projects and services may be paid for by a combination of self-imposed property taxes, special assessments, or impact fees upon those properties that benefit from improvements and services. However, the district may not [...]

Who needs a municipal management district?

2022-06-18T17:30:36-05:00June 18, 2022|

Commercial property owners create management districts to enhance a defined business area by financing facilities, infrastructure, and services beyond those provided by the local municipality, county, or state.

How is a district created?

2022-06-18T17:28:45-05:00June 18, 2022|

The most common method is by special law. Concerned property owners ask their state representative or state senator to sponsor a bill in the legislature for its creation. Less frequently used is the general law [...]

What is a municipal management district?

2022-06-18T17:28:56-05:00June 18, 2022|

Municipal management districts are political subdivisions of the state created to promote, develop, encourage, and maintain employment, commerce, transportation, housing tourism, recreation, arts, entertainment, economic development, safety, and the public welfare within a defined area.

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