What We Do


The Gulfton Area District is currently implementing the following programs:

Enhanced Public Safety Patrols

Through an agreement with the Houston Police Department, the Gulfton Area District is receiving extra HPD patrols through overtime officers and off-duty patrols.

Nuisance Abatement

The Gulfton Area District is working with HPD to identify any commercial properties that are operating illegally or are complacent in illegal operations. Once identified, property owners are contacted, requesting the illegal activity be ceased. If no change is made, further action may be taken to ensure the safety of the area.

Graffiti Abatement

The Greater East End Management District has been contracted by the Gulfton Area District to provide proactive graffiti abatement in the district. This means a crew is touring the district every week looking for instances of graffiti. This also means that any graffiti spotted in-district can be reported to be abated.

Litter Abatement

SMC Logistics provides for the Gulfton Management District regular and routine removal of “Bandit Signs” (Those little homemade signs which adorn the intersections of so many other parts of the city) and general litter which clutters intersections and detracts from the aesthetic appearance of a well-maintained neighborhood.

Mobile Security Cameras

Through a contract with Zaladium, the Gulfton Area District is providing mobile cameras to commercial properties in the area. These cameras are provided on a first-come, first-served basis and can be in place for 30 to 90 days. Cameras are not intended to be a permanent solution, but rather a supplementary aid for properties experiencing unusual issues or properties in the process of installing their own permanent camera systems. Camera requests are discussed by the Public Safety Committee and are granted at the discretion of the Public Safety Committee.

Flock Cameras

The Gulfton Management District has contracted with Flock to install cameras throughout the district. Flock cameras are unique and operate differently from traditional surveillance systems in that they are licensed to access HPDs database in real-time. This access allows Flock to also notify HPD almost immediately when a reported vehicle passes a Flock camera and includes additional information like the direction travelled, reason for report, and photos of the vehicle. This system is only accessible by HPD and is installed in partnership with HPD and the city.


Rental Credit Reporting (RCR) is a program available to any multi-family complex within the Gulfton Management District boundary. RCR was developed to provide a real-time resource for leasing managers to check a rental applicant’s history. Within minutes of a resident being notated at one complex, that resident’s notes are available to all complexes using RCR. As a service, the Gulfton Area District pays the monthly costs associated with RCR for any apartment complex within the district.

Blue Star Program

HPD developed the Blue Star Program as a way to recognize apartment complexes who follow HPD guidelines to minimize crime on their property. The program includes a class and certification for the property manager as well as inspections by HPD to ensure safety measures are being properly implemented. Properties that are Blue Star Certified are recognized as safer and are sought out by residents seeking a stable complex for their family.


The Positive Interaction Program (PIP) is an HPD initiative where HPD hosts a presentation from a different police division or law enforcement agency each month. You may hear what a judge, district attorney, state prison warden, or a county boot camp director has to say about what they are doing to fight crime. PIP meetings are also a chance to meet the officers that patrol your neighborhood and get to know them on a first name basis.

Gulfton Recognition Programs

The Gulfton Management District seeks to celebrate leaders in its service area who show initiative for the benefit of the community and/or beautify their businesses.

Submit one of our forms to be officially recognized by the District as we continue to support economic development in Gulfton.