I am proud to announce a new initiative for District J residents that I hope will provide assistance to some of our most esteemed – and sometimes most vulnerable – members of the community. Our seniors, veterans, and disabled homeowners are often at risk of violating city codes due to challenges in maintaining their property’s exterior. Such situations not only place undue stress on our valued community members but also necessitate city resources for enforcement.

I created the Good Neighbors Program to help these constituents with minor exterior home repairs and landscaping, to not only beautify our district but also provide practical assistance to those who have given so much to the community and to our country. Through this program, we proactively address these issues, reducing the need for code enforcement actions and fostering a spirit of community and care.

Homeowners or their representatives can be referred to the program through Homeowners Associations (HOAs), Civic Associations, or individual submissions. We encourage community members to spread the word, ensuring wide awareness and accessibility of this program.

Eligible applicants must reside within the district and fall into one of the following categories: senior citizen, veteran, or disabled homeowner. To apply or refer a homeowner, contact our office directly at [email protected]. Please add “Good Neighbors Program” to the subject line of the email for expedited processing. Our team is here to guide you through the application process and answer any questions you may have.

It is our hope that the Good Neighbor Program can transform the beauty of our neighborhoods one home at a time.

Together we will!

Edward Pollard