Fall 2023 Newsletter

What’s UP
with UP Art Studio

Call for Artists:
Transforming Hillcroft St. Corridor with Vibrant Murals!

Join UP Art Studio & Connect Community in illuminating the Hillcroft St. corridor with dynamic murals that celebrate the essence of Sharpstown!

We’re on the lookout for three talented artists to conceptualize and bring to life captivating murals on METRO retaining walls.

  • Location: Western side of Hillcroft St. (Bellaire Blvd – High Star Rd)
  • Scheduled Painting: January 2024
  • Stipend: $1,250 per mural (inclusive of time & materials)
  • Theme: Explore patterns in nature or the rich cultures of Sharpstown residents. Vibrant colors highly encouraged!
  • Experience: Previous work on concrete surfaces is preferred.
  • Preference: Artists with lived immigrant experience or ties to Southwest Houston
  • Application Details: Access the Artist Brief & Application at bit.ly/OpenCallMETRO
  • Funded by: Houston Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs and the Houston Arts Alliance.
  • Deadline to Apply: Friday, December 22, 2023

Apply now and be part of this transformative journey!

Celebrating Victoria’s Bicentennial:
Unveiling the Laurent Street Underpass!

To close out November, we witnessed an extraordinary milestone etched in Victoria’s history—the grand reveal of the breathtaking Laurent Street Underpass Mural! A journey filled with inspiration and dedication led us to this monumental moment, and our hearts overflow with gratitude for all who contributed to turning this vision into a stunning reality.

Our deepest appreciation extends to the unwavering support and vision of the City of Victoria, Texas. Their commitment paved the way for this remarkable endeavor.

Round of applause for our exceptional team of artists, led by Alexandre Serty, Cease Martinez, Frank Nathen, and Joshua Nelson, alongside our very own Noah Quiles (Field Director) & Robin Munro (Artwork Design). Your dedication and skill have crafted a mural that stands as a testament to Victoria’s heritage and community spirit.

Despite challenges and obstacles, the result is this breathtaking mural— a celebration of Victoria’s legacy, culture, and the unifying spirit that binds us together.

To all who joined us, supported us, and showered immense love upon this mural, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. Join us as we eagerly anticipate the official Bicentennial celebration in 2024!

Honoring Houston’s Trailblazers:
The Powerful Mural at Alfreda’s Soul Food

A stunning new mural has graced the walls of Alfreda’s Soul Food, a beloved Houston landmark now at its new location. Crafted by the talented artist Alex Arzu, this artwork stands as a vibrant tribute to Black Houstonian trailblazers, a piece that not only decorates but deeply resonates with the community.

Located at 4330 Griggs Road, this mural is more than just a visual feast. It’s a narrative of dreams, courage, and legacy, beautifully encapsulating the rich history and inspiring stories of notable figures such as John Biggers, Barbara Jordan, Pastor Lawson, Mae Jemison, and Judson Robinson. These portraits are not just images; they are symbols of the enduring spirit and contribution of these individuals to Houston’s cultural and historical fabric.

The project, managed by UP Art Studio and sponsored by Houston Southeast District, is a testament to community engagement and civic pride. It’s a reminder of the power of public art in connecting people, history, and places. The mural invites locals and visitors alike to Alfreda’s Soul Food to admire this masterpiece and reflect on the profound stories it tells.

Houston Southeast - Alfreda's Soul Food Mural Unveiling

Taking Flight to Windsor:
Free For All Walls Festival

In October, UP Art Studio made the trek to Windsor, Ontario for an exhilarating week at the Free For All Walls Festival! We immersed ourselves in the creativity of nearly 60 global artists and enjoyed seeing their murals come to life! During the festival, we also had the privilege of observing Canadian Thanksgiving, surrounded by cherished friends and community. The coordination orchestrated by Denial & Ryan Eyres made this experience truly remarkable – bravo guys on another fantastic Free For All Walls!

Chalk It Up: Artistic Adventures & Community Connections

We’ve been immersed in an exciting array of Chalk Art projects, infusing colors, creativity, and community spirit into recent events.

At KBR Kids Day, hosted at Tony Marron Park by Buffalo Bayou Partnership, laughter and creativity filled the air as Sylvia Blanco, Studio.Jexxi, & Hung Pham turned the pavement into stunning chalk masterpieces. Their work captivated everyone, adding vibrant colors and joy to the event.

In League City, Eco Fest was a celebration of nature’s beauty and sustainability. Our exceptional chalk artists (Claudia Cepeda, Hung Pham, Elizabeth Umanzor, & Rychlik Art) skillfully captured the essence of nature, the environment, and recycling, transforming the streets into vibrant canvases that left us inspired to protect our planet.

Thank you to everyone who joined these events – stay tuned for more chalk art adventures from UP Art Studio!

Preserving Masterpieces: Clear Coating Murals for Endurance, Protection, and Everlasting Brilliance!

Beyond crafting stunning murals and public art, we’re committed to safeguarding these creative treasures for generations to come. Our clear-coating process is more than just a protective layer—it’s an investment in preserving the essence of our cultural landscape.

Why does Clear Coating Matter?

✅ Weather Resistance: Shielding artwork from rain, wind, and UV rays.

✅ Graffiti Protection: Making removal of unwanted tags easier.

✅ Vibrancy Preservation: Keeping colors as vivid as the day they were painted.

✅ Long-lasting Beauty: Ensuring art remains inspiring for years.

As we transition from the vibrant hues of fall to the serene embrace of winter, we’re filled with gratitude for the creative journey we’ve shared. This past season at UP Art Studio has been a vibrant showcase of collaboration and artistic innovation, with every project adding its unique hue to our community’s rich tapestry.

Now, as the chill of winter sets in, we’re excited to embrace the quiet and introspective nature of the season. Winter offers us a canvas of possibilities, inviting introspection and the conception of new, bold projects. It’s a time for us to gather our thoughts, reflect on our achievements, and dream up the visions that will bloom in the year ahead.

As we step into winter, we carry the warmth of our shared experiences and the inspiration from our fall projects. We look forward to continuing this journey with you, unveiling new projects that capture the spirit of community.

Stay warm, stay connected, and let’s continue to spread the warmth of creativity and community during these colder months.

Thank you for being part of the UP Art Studio family. Here’s to a winter filled with peace, joy, and endless artistic exploration.

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