Gulfton Management District Chairwoman Tammy Rodriguez (center) and fellow board members (right) replenished on Tuesday (April 30) the district’s funding of overtime patrols of the neighborhood by HPD police officers who are well acquainted with the area.

Officers spoke during the meeting about the diminished presence of gang activity in Gulfton over the last several years. They brief the board in person every month about crime trends and related chronic issues, sustaining a grassroots approach to crime control and community safety.

The overtime program adds to the number of HPD officers available in the area to respond to alerts from the public as well as potential crime spots they investigate proactively.

HPD Assistant Chief Yasar Bashir, sixth from the right, was the highest-ranking officer present. He grew up in Gulton.

The District emphasizes public safety as the key to further economic development of the area. In addition to overtime patrols, it funds mobile and stationary security cameras, graffiti abatement, safety signage, police equipment and more.