Jesus Zamora

As a child, Jesus Zamora played in Burnett Bayland Park in the Gulfton Management District after attending Sunday mass with family. Later he volunteered for trash pick-ups and developed a podcast for local community news.

Now, after working as a community engagement coordinator for Precinct 4 County Commissioner Lesley Briones, Zamora has been promoted to assistant manager of the community center at the same park.

His promotion comes as Briones and her staff move to execute a county-funded master plan for the expansion of the park and improvements to the public services it provides.

The management district continues to work as a partner on improvements to the park and the surrounding neighborhoods.

“We know Gulfton has waited a long time – too long – for serious investment and consideration for this park. We are fully committed to ensuring the plans for this park are of, by, and for the people of this community,” Briones said.

Zamora now works with Center Manager Amy Felan. He can be reached at [email protected]. His successor as community engagement coordinator is Maritza Sepulveda.

The community center includes a gymnasium and public meeting rooms and has hosted concerts, festivals, sporting events and more.

Commissioner Briones at park center gathering